9 Tools to Do Good With Your Personal Banking

Why you should care?

A pandemic year is not kind to our bank accounts. Make 2021 your year of financial stability with our 9 Tools to Help Personal Finance Planning Guide.

by Kate Houser

2020 Impact on Personal Finances

Some of our most repetitive resolutions every year is the yo-yoing of our scale and bank account. In 2019, the top two New Year’s resolutions made by Americans were to exercise more (50%) and save money (49%). With this unprecedented pandemic year, we’re betting these two goals will top the list again. Certainly, we are seeing one of the highest unemployment rates ever, including the largest over-the-month increase in the history of record keeping (i.e., unemployment rates have been tracked since 1948). With unemployment, wage loss, and inconsistent health insurance, we know personal finances for many are impacted. Trust us, we’re in the same boat. To get our finances in order so we can maintain resiliency through these tough times, we’re sharing our curated list of 9 Tools to Do Good with your Personal Banking.

Save Money with A Do Good Bank

Did you know socially conscious banks exist? Yes, we’re referring to a bank who focuses on doing better for people and the planet. Luckily, there is a growing number of financial institutions working to incorporate sustainability and ethics into their mission. Opening a personal checking account from Beneficial State Bank empowers change-makers to work toward meaningful social justice outcomes and environmental sustainability. The Charity Charge card helps you earn cash back on every purchase as a tax deductible donation to any non-profit of your choice.

Budget Planning with Do Good Tools

Along with banking institutions who think on behalf of their customers, it’s just as important to plan ahead with a personal budget planner from Better World Books. The first step to taking control of your budget is to plan, which costs nothing. After that, choosing budget friendly credit cards and banks will help you get started to financial stability, so start sifting through the 9 Tools to Do Good with your Personal Banking.

9 Tools to Do Good With Your Personal Banking

Beneficial State Bank – Positive Change Checking Account $50 to open
Silver Giveback Medal
Amalgamated Bank – Socially Responsible Investing
Platinum Give Back Medal
Change Finance – Index Fund
Bronze Give Back Medal
Better World Books
Budget Planner Note Book $9
Bonze Sustainability Medal
Gold Give Back Medal
Silver Social Good Company
Paper Source – Rainbow Children’s Bank $19.95
Bronze Sustainability Medal
Aspiration– Checking Account
$15/month fee or pay as you like
Platinum Giveback Medal
Aligned Financial – Financial Planning
Meets Basic Hey Social Good Criteria
Charity Card – Card Donates 1% to Charity with each use (No Annual Fee)
Silver Give Back Medal
Chelsea Green Publishing
Book – Doughnut Economics $18
Rising Star for Sustainability
Rising Star for Social Good

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