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Trailblazer Ambassador Program

Be A Social Good Guide!

People want to do good daily and we’re on a mission to help make it happen. If you want to be a part of creating impact, help us connect people to sustainable and ethical ideas, actions, tips, brands, and products...Join our team to trail-blaze change and make impact.

How It Works

WE offer cause + shopping topics and editorial input.

WE hear your creative pitch ideas and tips.

WE publish and highlight your work.

YOU contribute articles + blog posts + impact content on sustainable, ethical and socially conscious issues and lifestyle.

Hey Social Good’s Trailblazer Ambassador Program offers socially conscious bloggers and writers an immediate opportunity to share awesome stories, tips, and ideas to better support causes and brands. You become a voice and guide to help people turn small, impactful shifts into a tangible difference.

Scholar Program

About This Program

The Hey Social Good Scholar program is for students interested in researching and contributing articles on timely social, ethical and environmental issues. Help direct people toward better resources to learn, understand, and take action.

We are committed to incorporating research, analyses, and resources into all of our work. It’s imperative we respectfully and authentically give voice to the many causes needing our attention at this moment in history.

How It Works

WE offer timely impact and cause topics and editorial input.

WE publish and highlight your work.

YOU contribute research, analyses, writing, and resources to help people expand their knowledge and take action on important causes.

Internship Program

Passionate About The Greater Social Good + Getting Job Experience?

Hey Social Good interns work on the cutting edge of using technology and data to shift people towards socially conscious ideas, causes, habits, and businesses that change the world for the better every day! 

Ideal Candidates:

Independent     Love to work on tasks independently

Collaborative   Enjoy collaborating with a team + sharing ideas 

Experimental    Excited to experiment with different ideas

Communicative Happy to voice what needs to change



Our team members have expertise in environmental science, data science, marketing, journalism and public health. They will work closely with you to develop specific skills and professionalism.


Interact with CEO Cindy J, who spent 20 years working at the US Environmental Protection Agency and is well connected to job opportunities. 

School Credit 

Receive course credit for a minimum 3 month internship


Grow Your Skills In: 

Data Analytics, Data Science, Writing, Research, Impact Assessment, Marketing, Social Media, Web Design

Work in a small and dynamic startup environment

Receive hands-on mentoring

Build your resume

Feed your passion for social good and commitment to creating a better community and planet!

Benefits of our Robust Programs

  • You get published!
  • You guide others on their social good journey.
  • You grow your audience through blog exposure, social media and links back to your blog.
  • You get mentored by a professional team.
  • You join a team working to raise awareness & build actions that protect people+planet. 
  • You can work from anywhere.
  • You get to try new exciting things in the world of small business.

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