We are HOVE Social Good Intelligence, Inc.

Our Story.

our mission

What We Do.

We believe each of us can do something meaningful. That’s why we work hard to connect people to companies who are proactively making a positive impact, AND, we know when companies are connected to better social good data and purpose-driven people, we all thrive and do more good.

Our Goals


connecting people to everyday solutions.

We simplify information for consumers so they can easily make an impact with a purchase.

Connecting Businesses to Social Good People.

We highlight companies and their purpose-driven practices with better social good data to create more actionable solutions.

Our Biggest Wish.

To inspire our families, friends, and neighbors with better choices made by social companies working to improve people and the planet.

People Make It Happen

Our Team.

Cindy J Lin

Founder & CEO

Cindy J  is an avid ecologist & environmental scientist. She had worked at the US EPA turning laws into environmental protection actions. Now, she is determined to show how people actions can improve communities & our planet. 

Kate Houser

Creative Director

Kate is an Eco-fashionista at heart. With a talent for design and best quips ever, she is determined to make good design and giving back a part of our everyday choices.

Latha Rao

Dir of Operations

Latha is a super health practioner. She is working hard to bring her community health knowledge and “can do” spirit to create innovative ways to shift our habits.

Chris Reyes


Chris is a creative biophysicist and accomplished entrepreneur. Visits to Cacao farms made him grasp strongly the link between personal health, sustainable farming, and yummier food.

Sherry Lin

Data scientist

Sherry is an environmental health scientist. She loves mashing up science and good design. She is set to create social and environmental impact by inspiring people to take actions. 

Sofia Monasterios

Social Media intern

Sofia is currently a junior at UCLA and brings her engaging social media and community garden experience to Hey Social Good.

Why we started


Hey Social Good started with HOVE Social Good Intelligence, our parent company who built the foundation for better data analytics in the social good space.  We hold a single conviction: with the right tools, people will make small shifts to improve people, community & planet.

In my past work, I understood we had millions of data reports available to us as public citizens. And yet, finding a best sustainable, compostable kitchen trash bag was unbelievably hard (6 hours of researching). I knew we needed a user-friendly data platform designed to reflect data, impact and simple actions. And, talking with hundreds of social good enterprises and people actively solving problems in their community, I knew we needed to get better info to people so that each of us can do something more, something good, easily! So, we created Hey Social Good with a robust data foundation to provide better vetted alternatives that lead to positive social impacts.  — Cindy J Lin, Founder & CEO

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