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Our Give Back

Our Audacious Goal

We set an audacious goal to encourage every person to make a shift towards progress. Each of us has the power to Give Back and can start simply by purchasing our everyday consumables from socially responsible companies working to improve our communities, health and planet. When we intentionally harness our purchase power, we are actively creating positive impact on the ground too. Without consumers, these companies cannot sustain their growth or Give Back efforts.

Our Give Back

We have thought long and hard about our own give back actions. And our core give back goals are clean water and trees. Perhaps, it’s because our founder, Cindy J, is a passionate water quality and habitat restoration scientist. Or, perhaps, it’s because clean water is the foundation for healthy soil, food, and animal and people health. Or, maybe it’s that trees bring life, clean air, and wonder to our world. For all these reasons, we give to the following organizations to help improve our local water resources and to ensure that we have plenty of trees to improve our own wellness and the wellness of the millions of animal life that live in and around trees.

Why Social Good?

For us, social good means continuously working to improve our communities, planet, and people. We believe it’s important to count all the small steps taken to positively impact for good. We imagine when every single one of you take on a different habit or a different simple lifestyle shift, and how that simple action can result in amazing changes. For example, did you know that by bringing your own cup everywhere with you for 365 days, you can save money and help prevent nearly 7 pounds of plastic getting into our landfills and ground!

Give Back Principles

We believe Give Back Companies are or working towards the following:​

TFF three kids holding tree seeds
Trees For Future Partner


We partner with Trees for the Future to support the planting of trees and more importantly, support tree farmers and the people who immediately need trees to live a respectable life. At Trees for the Future, native or naturalized species are planted to support the existing ecological structure of the region. We chose this organization because we think it is imperative that organizations partner with farmers to understand their needs and match them with the best species that suits the region. Farmers work with Trees for the Future specialists to grow a variety of fast-growing trees, fruit trees, hardwoods, and vegetables. In addition to planting trees, the organization works hard to factor in regenerative practices so that we continue to treat the land in a healthy way.


We are a southern California company and believe in supporting our local water advocacy organizations so that water quality, water policy, water education, and water monitoring are an integral part of local cities’ effort to maintain clean water. For these reasons, we work closely and support the San Diego Coastkeeper and Los Angeles’ Heal the Bay. Both organizations work tirelessly to fight for clean water policy and the resilience of our precious water resources as we encounter the damaging impacts of unnatural changes to our climate (e.g., sea level rise, groundwater contamination, public health, and more).

1% for the planet giveback organization

1% for the Planet

We are members of 1% for the Planet, a global community of businesses, individuals, and nonprofits who are committed to funding environmental improvements and protection projects by donating 1% of their annual sales or profits. 1% for the Planet has helped verify more than $225 million, allocated to environmental nonprofits by its members. The organization’s core mission is to “bring dollars and doers together to accelerate smart environmental giving.” This ties directly into our conviction that consumers hold the purse string power, and without consumers, companies cannot sustain their economic growth. Hey Social Good believes that when consumers purchase from purpose-driven businesses, social good can be achieved every day.

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