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Good Smack Podcast

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Good Smack interviews inspiring leaders, business owners and thought provokers in the world of sustainability and social good to inspire you with more mindful, conscious actions.

Entrepreneur Vivian Sayward Battles Frumpy Golf Fashion and Unsustainable Practices

Vivian Sayward is one of those avant garde, homegrown San Diegan fashion entrepreneurs who deeply care about fashion, people and the planet. Her journey from biotech to designing the only golf sportswear brand for women by itself is amazing. She speaks of her path to overcoming the inherent “old boys” network in golf fashion. What’s even more impressive is her next take down. After learning how harmful conventional fashion and clothes manufacturing can be to both human and planet health, she achieved a challenging feat and transformed her already successful sportswear brand into a Sustainable clothing brand by completely shifting her fabric sourcing, manufacturing, and even distribution practices. Hear how grit with a smile can change all kinds of minds, including US diplomats in Columbia!

Fashion Maven Lorena Delgado Inspires with an "Ordinary Rags to Chic Vintage Success" Story

Chic to Wear founder, Lorena Delgado, became a critically sought after “sustainable” influencer on the hottest social fashion platform, Posh Mark, where she has one of the top 15 most followed closets online. She’s revitalizing vintage with a unique sustainable bent and using this tool to advocate for women empowerment. She shares the inspiring story of lifting herself out of depression and weight gain to becoming a highly followed fashionista… all because she got sucked into the fun and beauty of playing with fashion on PoshMark, an online marketplace for selling and buying used clothing and accessories. Hear how pure stubbornness can sometimes get you to unbelievable places.

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