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A Take-Out Super Entrepreneur Working to Eliminate Trash One Reusable Container at a time.

M’Porte founder, Brian McDonald, fills a big gap in the Take-Out industry. Our love of eating out can be guilt-free as we open up a clamshell filled with yummy, steaming food, and know that one less plastic or styrofoam container is eliminated from our planet. The M’Porte Exchange Program works with local restaurants in California and Hawai’i to offer a community sharing of pre-cleaned reusable containers. Our love for eating out and taking it to-go feels liberating because the meal is placed in stainless steel containers, and the same reusable containers are brought back to a zero waste restaurant to be reused again! Just as amazing is the knowledge that you’re eating a take-out meal that hasn’t been sitting in a plastic container for an hour. Wonderfully, you might feel like your grandma just made a delicious Thai dinner because it’s housed in a beautiful stainless steel take-out container. Brian speaks honestly about his own journey of trying to help solve a very, very big problem without letting all the obstacles get in the way. Now, that’s a seriously, socially conscious entrepreneurial spirit at work!

lindsay LaShells proud woman business owner

A Fearless, Purpose-Driven Marketing Entrepreneur Who Gets It Done Better

Listen to a proud woman business owner, Lindsay LaShell, who made it work her way, in her own purpose-driven style. She is a rare breed among the big, wide, world of marketing agencies because she won’t compromise on selling just for the sake of selling. Lindsay embodies the words, authenticity and transparency. And in the world of marketing, that in itself is a unicorn. Her motto is “say no to the wrong clients” and in doing so, she shows that building a social good business works all day long.

Part 2 of Lindsay LaShell, A Fearless, Purpose-Driven Marketing Entrepreneur Who Gets It Done Better

This is Part 2 of Lindsay LaShell, a proud woman business owner, who made it work her way, in her own purpose-driven style. In Part 2, she answers that tough question of what she would tell herself five years ago, and if she had imagined the moment she made it. She is a rare breed among the big, wide, world of marketing agencies because she won’t compromise on selling just for the sake of selling. Her motto is “say no to the wrong clients”.

Alicia Saake and Hey Social Good Intelligence

Gracious and Brilliant Feeding San Diego Volunteer-turned-COO Rescues Food and Livelihoods

From a big hearted volunteer to now Chief Operating Officer of Feeding San Diego, Alicia Saake solves puzzles everyday to get healthy and nutritious food to everyday people. She and her phenomenal organization deliver millions of meals to food insecure San Diegans every year. Saake shares how Feeding San Diego“rescues food”, talks about the negative effects of prolonged hunger and mental health, and informs how we can easily reduce food waste. Even more honestly, she tells all about the fight against hunger in one of the rockiest economic climates this country has seen.

Entrepreneurial Wonder Woman and Former Pediatric Nurse Battles Toxic Bubbles Sustainably and Ethically

Molly’s Suds founder, Monica Leonard, fought hard to bring a toxin free laundry detergent to market after the stillbirth of her fourth child, named Molly. She dug deep to understand the relationship between toxic chemical exposure from everyday cleaning products and health impacts, discovering the presence of these chemicals in the blood of unborn babies, debilitating allergies and illnesses along the way. Molly’s Suds started in a basement with an assembly line of health conscious mamas determined to provide a safe alternative to home cleaning products. Today, it is a full-fledged business that’s been able to keep their manufacturing in Florida churning out the same 10+ year old affordable and effective cleaning recipe. Monica’s sharp business acumen, zero-waste goal, and commitment to her customer’s needs and health explains why her household cleaning products will beat out other cleaning brands every single day!

Dr. Paria Vaziri

A serene doctor’s unwavering advocacy for sustainable medicine to support our wonderful mind, body, and planet

Solving her own personal health issues that couldn’t be explained away with conventional doctor’s visits, Dr. Paria Vaziri discovered the effectiveness of holistic medicine to optimize people’s health and the planet’s wellness. More than ever, we need a doctor that is an M.D. superpowered with holistic and nontoxic approaches to wellness. Her comprehensive and sustainable approach to medicine means she’s proactively working on disease prevention, mental health, gut health, and prescribing medicine that’s better for the planet. Her honest take as a female doctor and simple tips on self-care show how easily each of us can take back control of our personal health journey…and reduce our pollution footprint at the same time.

Find her at www.doctorparia.com

good neighbor gardens mia community serving gardens

A Modern African American Woman Farmer Reinvents Backyard Gardens and Gives Life to Sharing with Neighbors

Modern farmer+entrepreneur Mia Vaughnes is determined to help transform people’s yards and balconies into edible gardens. She and her amazing farmhands help build vibrant vegetable gardens right smack in the middle of your city. It doesn’t stop there, because she also teaches seemingly secret green thumb skills, tackles food waste, and gives back to schools with part of her CSA vegetable box revenue. She imagines a San Diego City dotted with fresh vegetable gardens to combat climate change!

good neighbor gardens mia community serving gardens

Part 2 of Mia Vaughnes, the Modern African American Woman Farmer Who Shares Her Deep-Rooted Purpose for Food and Giving

An exceptional culturalist and farmer, Mia Vaughnes created Good Neighbor Garden SD from a love story. In Part 2, Mia discusses her African and Native American roots and how history of farming defines who we are and where we come from. She shares why asking to give away other’s extra vegetables is her giving and why maintaining a vibrant soil community in your garden or pot means creating spiritual happiness within ourselves.

Two Women Making Trashed Airbags Gorgeous, Sexy and Impactful

Jenny Silbert and Stephanie Choi are two of the most innovative zero waste designers this side of the Pacific. Creating lightweight, waterproof designer backpacks from airbags set for the landfill, hang totes from used brewery burlap, and 100% durable waterproof jackets from car seat cover liners, these two are pushing the envelope on design and waste diversion with an edge. Now, they are connecting sustainable change makers with their Climate Talk Series and developing a “Stuff it Yourself” Pouf to help us reduce our waste and invite beautiful home seating. Hearing these women talk is like taking a Master Class on Zero Waste.

The Renaissance Lady Farmer, Entrepreneur & Herbalist Out to Save Our Bees

Kim Otto, built the organic skincare brand, Moon Valley Organics with her husband from scratch. First, they taught themselves organic farming, then they worked long, hard back breaking hours to make farming work, including using food stamps to buy seeds to plant crops. After creating a successful farm in Washington state, she and her husband didn’t stop there. Struggling with all kinds of skin allergies, Kim is like a renaissance woman who goes from farmer to savvy business lady to herbalist.

It Takes a Gutsy Frenchman to Build the First Sustainable Adventure Brand in France

Clément Morandière made a big life pivot when he went from working at an international paddle board company in Asia to creating the first French sustainable adventure lifestyle brand, Fjord Lifestyle. Based in France, he is keeping in mind the importance of living and breathing simply as he is building a lifestyle company that celebrates upcycling, recycling, reducing waste and daily innovative sustainable solutions.

The Most Honest Makeup Creator Reveals What's In Your Lipstick

Erika Rodriguez loves animals! From demonstrating for animal rights to seeing waste in landfills to designing the safest, cleanest makeup products ever, we were bowled over by her honesty and transparency when talking makeup and soaps. Creating a cream that goes on lids, lips, and cheeks seems simple enough to reduce waste, but what about packaging it. See the coolest packaging ever that reminds you of your school days’ coloring!

Cindy J and Kate Talk Why We Need to Embrace Organic Fashion and Certifications

Cindy J and Kate dive deep into the many certifications a fashion brand gets to help people and the planet. They explore the nature of the manufacturing process, selective fabrics used, and the damaging impacts fast fashion has on surrounding towns of factories. As always, they share the better alternatives and tips that help make our planet better, one shirt at a time.

A Brave Marine Scientist Battles Plastic Cups, Cigarette Butts, and Tiny Pieces of Clothing Fibers

Dr. Chelsea Rochman couldn’t stand seeing more plastic trash in turtles anymore. So, she persisted as a graduate student and helped create the study of plastic debris and its impact on marine life, back when people didn’t know that one day, we may see more plastic trash in the ocean than fish. A scientist by training, and shopper like all of us, she shares thoughtful insights on how to think about building our sustainable future one simple act at a time.

Cindy J and Kate Talk Shop on Some of Their Favorite Home Products...from their Homes!

Sit down for an evening chat with CindyJ and Kate as they discuss (1) how the cleaning products in your home could be affecting your respiratory health; (2) how safe your laundry is for your children; and (3) their favorite household brands of the moment. Truce, Molly’s Suds, Biokleen, and more, on this episode of GoodSmack!

Mama P Is On A Mission to Eliminate Millions of Plastic Toothbrushes

Mama P founder, Suz Hernandez, got sick of plastic waste all around us and decided to do something about it. She’s on a mission to eliminate over 1 billion disposable plastic toothbrushes in one year. Listen to how Suz spats out toothbrush stats like you’ve never heard and how it’s on businesses to better educate consumers. She previously worked at the athletic company, Nike, and uses her skills to create a brand that offers better designed eco-friendly and ergonomic products, such as authentically sustainable bamboo toothbrushes. Each toothbrush tip is uniquely colored and gives to a specific cause, such as ocean protection, education, bee hives, and more.

Entrepreneur Vivian Sayward Battles Frumpy Golf Fashion and Unsustainable Practices

Vivian Sayward is an avant garde, homegrown San Diegan fashion entreprenuer who cares deeply about fashion, people and the planet. She speaks of her path to battling the inherent “old boys” network on the golf world and poor fitting golf fashion. Then, after learning how harmful conventional fashion and clothes manufacturing can be to human health and the planet, she transformed her already successful sportswear brand into a sustainable brand. Hear how grit with a smile can change all kinds of minds, including US diplomats in Colombia!

Fashion Maven Lorena Delgado Inspires with an "Ordinary Rags to Chic Vintage Success" Story

Chic to Wear founder, Lorena Delgado, became a critically sought after “sustainable” influencer on the hottest social fashion platform, PoshMark, where she owns one of the top 15 most followed closets online. She’s revamping vintage with a sustainable bent. She shares the inspiring story of lifting herself out of depression and weight gain to becoming a highly followed fashionista. Hear how pure stubbornness can get you to unbelievable places.

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