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CSR • Supply Chain Verification • ESG • SGA • Sustainable Business Impact

We Have Reviewed, Assessed And Verified Over 12,000 Companies.

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Looking to Review, Assess or Verify Your Social Impact Journey Quickly?

Hey Social Good’s SGA was developed over 3 years with socially conscious companies in mind. Our goal is to make sustainability assessment & verification simple, rapid and cost effective for ALL businesses.

Your customers and clients will know. Instead, transparently show your social good efforts and win!

  • Verify + Rank SGA and ESG efforts
  • Cross match to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Stay ahead of regulatory requirements
  • Obtain real social impact value and reduce operations cost
  • Build reputation and trust with customers & business partners
  • Increase employee retention and motivation
  • Show your competitive advantage simply


Comprehensive Data Source & Analytics Background

  • 2000+ Data sources used to review and assess
  • 850+ UN Sustainable Development Goals related metrics considered
  • 450+ Certifications examined
  • 300+ Social Impact Outcomes
  • 100+ Environmental and health databases checked
  • 100+ Data models incorporated
  • 50+ Years of scientific research experience combined
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We Work With the Best Partners

HSG partners

HSG elevated our impact report to the next level. When analyzing environmental and situational factors, they uncovered the deeper levels of impact behind each contribution. HSG equipped us with the tools we needed to deliver the strongest value to our community.

Sam Vizer

Samantha Pantazopoulos

CEO, Vizer App

Having scientific data to support our upcycling work is critical to our understanding of why these projects are important and successful. Cindy and her team are smart, efficient and creative, providing data that concretely proves the value of upcycling industrial trash.

Jenny Rewilder

Jenny Silbert

CEO, Rewilder Goods 

Cause Guides

Our Cause Guides mash-up socially conscious values with simple “To-Do” actions

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Want to have social impact, be more sustainable, and grow your business and revenue?

for Hey Social Good’s Workshop: “The Social Good Business Strategy: Steps to building a Sustainable and Socially Impactful Business”.

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