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Only companies that meet our minimum criteria are medal ranked on Hey Social Good

we Review over 500 data Decision points to evaluate and rank companies

The Social Good Medal Rating reflects a company’s high level of work achieved in giving back to the community and/or adopting sustainable practices. We cross check a company’s positive impacts with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, such as Decent Work, Clean Water, etc. We review a company’s sustainable practice by assessing the activities & operations adopted from sourcing to packaging to distribution.


Company systematically makes full circle community social good in near all areas of the company - internal operations & human capital, external community support, going beyond and/or improves upon its original mission, and full circle sustainable practices along every step of the source to product life cycle chain. The company significantly grows positive impacts on external communities, organizations and natural resources.


Company makes in-depth investments over time into giveback and sustainability practices for product, manufacturing, and operations. The company establishes a solid community level social good foundation and elevates multiple social causes to making a definitive positive impact on people and the planet.


Company engages in regular consistent efforts to giving back activities and/or meets the critical steps of the Sustainable Life Cycle Chain to strengthen the foundation for community social good.

Bronze medal Give Back


Company maintains a give back activity and/or a sustainable product or practice along the life cycle chain, creating the foundation for social good.

Our Methodology

How We Assess

Hey Social Good has developed a unique Social Good Assessment (SGA) tool that tracks sustainable, give back, social, and governance practices adopted by businesses, facilities, and enterprises. Hey Social Good defines a “Social Good Company” as one that directs effort, funds, and/or resources to addressing a pressing societal challenge by adopting business practices that benefit people and the planet.

For each business or facility, Hey Social Good reviews all publicly available information to assess their efforts or activities to give back to the community and adopt sustainable practices. Over 500+ data features are examined for each business assessment.  The social good assessment of businesses, companies, facilities, and organizations involves four Tiered Assessment Phases.

Five Point Independent Review

The Tiered Assessment Phases of the SGA was specifically designed to incorporate five distinct independent reviews of the business or facility. This ensures our assessment and verification of the business or facility undergoes multiple different and independent layers of data and information examination to ensure data integrity. Each business and facility is examined by multiple data analysts to substantiate and confirm information consistency.

Based on each company’s give back and sustainability activities, practices, and efforts, we calculate a Medal Ranking of Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. We adopted the medal ranking to reflect the often long, long journey towards creating complete social good. We know how deeply hard it can be, and how this pathway to achieving complete social good can take years. With medal ranks, we recognize and encourage all enterprises’ efforts and accomplishments every step of the way. We review each company’s achievements in three categories: giving back, sustainability, and social good.

"Our humble philosophy is that every single one of us should try to achieve the highest standard. We excitedly discovered many people, businesses and enterprises working to improve our communities and planet. We have an immense desire to show all the good being done, but we know the road to a social good future is long and involves many phases. This is why we established a stepwise based ranking analytics engine to celebrate progress not perfection. We work to highlight and celebrate every tiny (and giant) victory along the way."
Cindy J Lin Founder of Hey Social Good
Dr. Cindy J Lin
Founder and CEO

Medal Rankings

Social Good Gold Medal

Social Good Ranking

We examine a company’s social good efforts by assessing their combined sustainability and give back rankings. Companies qualify for a Social Good medal ONLY if they have medaled in BOTH Sustainability and Give Back.


Platinum Social Good Medal

Platinum Medal – Company completes full circle community social good in near all areas, including internal and external sustainable company operations, human capital, community giveback, and overall going above and beyond to innovatively and creatively make positive impact. Such a company usually has been in operations for many, many years, has incorporated a means to track impact, and is a trailblazer in achieving its mission.

Gold Medal – Company has established a social good foundation and elevates the efforts of both sustainable practices and community give back. 

Silver Medal – Company is strengthening the foundation for building consistent sustainable practices and social community impact in many areas.

Bronze Medal – Company is creating the foundation for building sustainable practices and social community impact in at least one area.

Rising Star– Company is working towards adopting sustainable practices and social community impact. Such a company may have worked to meet a high level in either sustainability or give back, and after achieving clear impact in one category, has begun efforts in another category.

Sustainability Ranking

We examine a company’s sustainability by evaluating their sustainable supply and process chain, which includes product, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and waste management.


Platinum MedalCompany completes a full circle sustainable pathway along every step of the supply to product life cycle chain, consistently and in-depth. Such a company also has built in sustainability as an integral part of its DNA, works hard to quantify and track its positive impacts over time, and is making groundbreaking strides on both reducing its own environmental impact and inspiring or providing a means for others to reduce and improve their environmental footprint.

Gold Medal Company established a consistent sustainability cycle by meeting our stringent sustainable criteria of implementing sustainable practices for product, manufacturing, and operations.

Silver MedalCompany  is strengthening its sustainability cycle by going beyond the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of Sustainable Product & Life Cycle Management.

Bronze Medal Company is creating its sustainability cycle by maintaining a sustainable product and implementing sustainable practices along the life cycle chain.

Rising Star– Company is working towards a sustainable mission or making an Eco-friendly product.

Give Back Ranking

We examine a company’s give back by assessing their social and community actions, such as donating to a non-profit organization, donating directly, or creating programs on the ground.

Platinum Medal – Company completes full circle community give back by systematically making ground breaking strides in community support areas that have resulted in long-term, trackable impact to a group or population of communities. In addition, the company structure, mission, production, output, and lifestyle has been designed to incorporate a give back mission that is inherent in its company DNA.

Gold Medal – Company has established a consistent community give back foundation and elevates the efforts of multiple social causes. Company gives back in a way that positively impacts multiple social actions, including secondary and tertiary positive impacts. For instance, give back actions resulted in improvement or betterment of a community on multiple scales (e.g., education, employment, and healthcare). 

Silver Medal – Company is strengthening the foundation for community give back by working on multiple social impact actions that help a group or population thrive.

Bronze Medal – Company is creating the foundation for community social give back by consistently working on at least one social impact action to help a group or population.

Rising Star– Company is working towards community social give back by beginning to work on one social impact action. In many cases, such a company has set a clear give back mission and is working to give back consistently over time.

No Medal

A “no medal” designation means a company did not have a program in place at the time of assessment, was not eligible, or did not meet the minimum criteria standards of the Social Good Optimization Data Assessment review.


In Review

We are continuously finding or being told about amazing social enterprises. We have included these companies to show their potential social good impact as we complete our full Social Good Optimization Data Assessment review.

We strongly believe in updating, improving, and building transparency. We complete our evaluation of each company based on the best available information during the assessment period. We have observed that companies, like us, are making improvements everyday to their product, service, operations, give back and sustainable practices. Yes! We always welcome more information from companies and people using the product/service. Please drop us a line at and tell us how we can improve or update the information.

Hey Social Good Assessment Review Principles

  1. Data Integrity. Our review and assessment of sustainable, environmental, social, and governance practices of businesses and organizations are based on data and analytics, and reviewed against a social good criteria assessment tool. Hey Social Good’s review, assessment and verification results are never based on presumption, conjecture, and guesswork of best practices.

  2. Data Consistency. The same series of steps for data capture, data formatting, data processing, and data assessment is followed for every assessment and verification to ensure data consistency and elimination of data bias.

  3. Complete & Comprehensive Review. All available data, information, and resources are used to review and assess business practices. This may include, but not limited by, a review and confirmation of all the applicable and publicly available 3rd party certifications, memberships, social information, and publicly available or relevant research data

  4. Credit for Positive Practices. Establishing a fully sustainable supply chain or building a comprehensive give back program takes time, effort and resources. To encourage businesses to move in the right direction and continue even in the absence of short-term financial benefits, all positive sustainable, social and governance practices, and goal setting commitments are recognized and included in the assessment process.

  5. Rating Methodology. The rating and ranking methodology is evidence based and grounded on the foundation of the scientific method.

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