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Save money and time with Hey Social Good’s transparent and innovative approach to sustainability, social and governance assessment and verification.

We have reviewed, assessed and verified over 12,000 companies.

Our proprietary data analytics platform assesses and verifies a company’s positive impacts with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including social responsibility, responsible production, ethical practices, and eco/animal friendly practices. A medal rating of platinum, gold, silver or bronze reflects a company’s high level of work achieved in one of the following categories.

sustainable company


A company is assessed on their sustainability by evaluating their sustainable supply, cycle, & process chain, including responsible sourcing, materials, manufacturing, production, distribution, product, & waste management.

give back assessment

Give Back

We assess a company’s give back & ethical practices by assessing their social & community actions, such as donating to a non-profit organization, donating directly, or creating programs on the ground.

social good assessment

Social Good

Assessment is based on a company’s social good efforts by assessing their combined sustainability and give back rankings. Companies qualify for a Social Good Medal ONLY if they have medaled in BOTH Sustainability and Give Back.


What We Do

Proprietary algorithm crunches data to assess and rank environmental, social and governance impact metrics rapidly.

What's in a Social Good Assessment

Our data-driven automated social good assessment tool easily and comprehensively translates social, governance, and environmental data to help reward progress and show the social good journey of any organization.

Overcoming Your Business Challange

Organizations with social responsibility practices in place often have a challenging time understanding the clear positive impacts of their environmental and social programs. It can be time consuming and expensive to hire a specialized consultant to do on-site assessments, and the results may lack relevance with customers. We offer a simple social good ranking system to highlight positive practices.

Social Good Data & Assessment

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