Hey Social Good Partnership Program

Fast track to create a Social Good Company Page on Hey Social Good for DonationMatch Companies.

DonationMatch members get:

  • Expedited Social Good Optimization Data Assessment (Medal Rankings)
  • Hey Social Good Medal Seal for use on your own website & social accounts
  • Personalized support to build your company’s impact story

Add your business, keep your page up to date, respond to reviews, and view click and call report. Get ahead of the game with preferred upgrades and simple, powerful storytelling tools.

Tier 1

  • 10+ Data Point Assmt
  • Custom Business Page
  • Verified Logo

Tier 2

$ 29
17 Month
  • 100+ Data Point Assmt
  • One Medal Ranking
  • 1 Problem Statement  
  • 1 Impact Infographic
  • Monthly Impact Consulting
  • Premiere Page Placement
  • Add-On Services
  • Custom Business Page
  • Verified Logo
Best Deal

Tier 3

$ 41
67 Month
  • 200+ DataPoint Assmt
  • Three Medal Rankings
  • 2 Problem Statements
  • 2 Impact Infographics
  • 1:1 Impact Analysis Consulting
  • Premiere Page Placement
  • Add-On Services
  • Custom Business Page
  • Verified Logo

Founders Club

Exclusive Marketing & Content Development $500/month

Exclusive Marketing &
Content Development
$1500 Qtr

Qtrly Strategy Development
Custom create content:

Podcast Feature

Custom Pinterest Lifestyle Board
Custom Company Infographic
Specialized Article
Highlight in 10-12 Channels
Custom Campaign on Homepage
Review of Positive Impact Data

Social Good Media

Help people get to know your company's social good

Manage your company page and update key info like company descriptions, contact information and more so people can better shop your awesomeness! Add photos, your mission statement and company impact so consumers know the impact they’ll have when shopping your products!

Showcase your social good

Show off your Hey Social Good sustainability and give back medal ranking, add certifications, and include organizations and partners you work with to improve people and the planet. 

Add photos, keywords, and more

Add your own eye catching photos of your favorite or best products and keywords so you can maximum your exposure in our search results. Secure a top placement in our search results, highlight featured products or weekly deals and have access to exclusive marketing opportunities.

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