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Hey Social Good is the industry leader in Sustainable and Social Good Assessment

Hey Social Good has developed a unique Social Good Assessment (SGA) tool.

Comprehensive Data Source & Analytics Background


2000+ Data sources used to review and assess

850+ UN Sustainable Development Goals related metrics considered

450+ Certifications examined

300+ Social Impact Outcomes

100+ Environmental and health databases checked

100+ Data models incorporated

50+ Years of scientific research experience combined

Hey Social Good Social Good Assessment

Diverse Data Assessment Knowledge

  • 10+ industries (fashion, skincare, health, food, beauty, beverage, electronics, supply chain, business service, restaurants, home, cleaning supply, etc.)
  • Social Good Optimization Assessment of companies and brands
  • Supply chain verification
  • Corporate social good assessment and ESG
  • Proprietary Social Good Signals™ reviews the social impressions of brands and businesses.

Robust Business Assessment Experience

  • 12,000+ businesses reviewed and assessed
  • 1000+ Corporate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) ratings
  • 500+ supply chain verifications
  • Highlights Giving Back as an important step towards Social Good and an often critical step to making change in local communities.
  • Stepwise based ranking analytics engine highlights positive practices, not just gaps in environmental, social, and governance standards, thus encouraging progress.
  • Sustainable assessment considers materials, energy, waste, water management, packaging, distribution impacts, and company wide practices.

Team Talent Advantage

  • Team of expert scientists with deep environmental, public health, biological, ecosystem, and data analytics domain knowledge
  • Multilingual team who can review data and information in Chinese, Spanish and Tamil (Indian language)

Hey Social Good Assessment Review Principles

  1. Data Integrity. Our review and assessment of sustainable, environmental, social, and governance practices of businesses and organizations are based on data and analytics, and reviewed against a social good criteria assessment tool. Hey Social Good’s review, assessment and verification results are never based on presumption, conjecture, and guesswork of best practices.

  2. Data Consistency. The same series of steps for data capture, data formatting, data processing, and data assessment is followed for every assessment and verification to ensure data consistency and elimination of data bias.

  3. Complete & Comprehensive Review. All available data, information, and resources are used to review and assess business practices. This may include, but not limited by, a review and confirmation of all the applicable and publicly available 3rd party certifications, memberships, social information, and publicly available or relevant research data

  4. Credit for Positive Practices. Establishing a fully sustainable supply chain or building a comprehensive give back program takes time, effort and resources. To encourage businesses to move in the right direction and continue even in the absence of short-term financial benefits, all positive sustainable, social and governance practices, and goal setting commitments are recognized and included in the assessment process.

  5. Rating Methodology. The rating and ranking methodology is evidence based and grounded on the foundation of the scientific method.

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