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Recycled Materials

Uses and seeks recycled or sustainably made materials, such as reclaimed wood or using denim scraps for insulation.

Is it true that traveling can lead to negative impacts, such as carbon emissions spewing from air travel, increased resource use, and exploitation of native communities? There are many situations where these impacts do occur. But, let’s focus on the different sustainable travel options. 

To travel sustainably means planning ahead. If you planned to visit Thailand to get a sense of the natural beauty of their tropical forests or the majesty of  Asian Elephants, seek out socially conscious stays, sustainable tourism outfits, and local cultural and environmentally conscious guides. Some of these accommodations work directly to fight against human trafficking activities, preserve natural habitats, and more.

Seek out eateries that grow and cook local and seasonal ingredients. These are yummier and healthier too. Consider traveling and volunteering at the same time. We are strong proponents of volunteering because we find this to be a more culturally and sustainably more enriching experience.  

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