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Materials created or made without any animal products. Instead, the makers seek out plant based materials.

Free Your Toes

Sandals, flip flops, or any pair of shoes that leave room for your toes to breathe happily!

Better for Your Feet. Better for the Planet.

Discovering shoes that support your feet for good posture health, fair wages and environmentally safe working conditions for crafts people should be everyone’s goal. In our search for the best social good shoes, we’ve found so many amazing companies that offer both sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices and materials while keeping the high quality needed to support your feet’s comfort. When we can kill one bird with two stones, it makes us quite giddy (and no birds were harmed in this effort too)!

What’s also key when thinking about social good is how a company considers giving back, even as they are figuring out how best to achieve sustainability. We also look for those companies working to give back to their community, and happily, we’ve found many that Give Back by dedicating a percentage of each shoe purchase towards a social or environmental program.

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