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Used or scrapped materials made into new water bottles to extend the circular lifetime of materials to reduce waste to the landfills.

Klean Kanteen Clean Water

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Klean Kanteen

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Klean Kanteen is more than a beverage cup company. They are one of the very first to responsibly source materials to help eliminate our global plastic pollution. They dedicate funds towards research and policy to help achieve their goals. Check out their awesome non-profit partners: 5Gyres, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, American Rivers, an the Nature’s Bridge.

Klean Kanteen is a leader in building a sustainable business model. They transparently share how their operations and supply chain work. Located in Chico, California, they started off to create a sustainable business, one that balances profit, people and planet. True sustainability means we have to create a sustainable economic structure that support circular design.

Products: Insulated water bottles, mugs, cups, tumblers, food containers and steel straws with straw cleaning brushes. 

Essential Reading

With clean water, you can share a healthy life. “Wash your hands” is the mantra of doctors. But when you don’t have a sink and you don’t have clean water in the sink, how can you wash hands? In communities without clean water, the same diseases wreak havoc again and again in the same area — these are diarrhea, cholera, polio, typhoid, and dysentery to name a few common ones. With 38% of hospitals without a clean water source, the chance of disease re-infection is high. The reason we don’t see these diseases in our communities is because these are easily preventable diseases — you just need clean water. Giving clean water can stop more than half a million deaths a year. That’s more healthier, happier people. READ MORE

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