14 Ways to Read and Write More this Year

Why you should care?

Reading and writing have been scientifically proven to have positive impacts on our mental health. Start 2021 by exploring 14 Ways to Read and Write More this Year.

by Hey Social Good

Read More in 2021

Making time to read and write is a sure fire way to stay in tune with yourself and the environment. After an unprecedented pandemic year, we really must make a resolution to care for our mind and overall well being. Reading and writing have been proven to have a positive impact on mental health. “Books are an invaluable but underutilized resource that can increase empathy, enhance recovery and inspire those with mental health difficulties”. This is exactly what each of us needs at this moment (and all the other moments in our life too). This isn’t anything most of us don’t know, but a good reminder especially when our eyes have been glued to a screen 12 hours a day. So, keep reading and discover 14 ways to read and write more this year.

Books and Journals that Give Back

Approximately 24% of American adults haven’t read one book in the past year. Yeah, we’re guilty too. It does seem harder to read when we’re mostly at home eating, sleeping, working, and working out. Books and reading inspiration is quite challenging without that jaunt to the local indie bookstore. In the meanwhile, check out The Little Free Library, which lets you set up a book exchange with your neighbors to create a sustainably sourced mini library that’s steps away from your home. With over 100,000 free libraries around the world, they are easily increasing access to reading and education for free. If reading and writing more is a goal this year, remember the many diverse and fun ways to accomplish this needed mental break.

By the way, this goal is even better when we choose sustainably and ethically.  Better World Books received a Silver Social Good Medal and donates to a person in need with each purchase. Franks Stationary received a Silver Give Back Medal and gives back by supporting greater education opportunities to a child in poverty with each purchase.

And our founder, Cindy J’s favorite, is Berrett Koehler, which is a rare find because this independent publishing company is on a mission to connect the human spirit to action through words. All authors are partners and the company operates much like a cooperative. Plus, you’ll find unique titles not found anywhere else…certainly not any big box online store. Nurture your mental health and spirit with each of the choices from our curated list below. Dig and read deeply into the 14 ways to read and write more this year.

14 Ways to Read and Write More this Year

Better World Books – Books
Bronze Sustainability Medal
Gold Give Back Medal
Silver Social Good Company
ICU Eyewear -Reading Glasses $24
Silver Give Back Medal
Paper Source – Creative Lettering Kit $28
Bronze Sustainablility Medal
Franks Stationary – Planner $40
Silver Give Back Medal
Onyx and Green – Pack of 4 Highlighters
Meets Basic Hey Social Good Assessment
Little Free Library – Neighborhood Library Box $250-500
Meets Basic Hey Social Good Assessment
Claiming Your Space Book Title from Berrett Koehler Publishing
A Women’s Guide to Claiming Space from Berrett Koehler Independent Publishing $24.95
Meets Basic Hey Social Good Assessment

Chelsea Green Publishing – Books
Rising Star for Sustainability
Rising Star for Social Good Company
Pen and Pillar – Tiger Vines Undated Planner $32
Bronze Give Back Medal
Paper Epiphanies – Journal $16
Silver Give Back Medal
Out of Print – Book $17
Bronze Give Back Medal
Used Books Monthly – Subscription
Meets Basic Hey Social Good Assessment
Natural Pen – Pen $7
Meets Basic Hey Social Good Assessment
United by Blue – Recycled Paper Journal $26
Silver Give Back Medal

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