Three Amazing Workout Tools That Help You Look, Feel, & Do Good

Why you should care

Because your work out can make you happy for reasons other than endorphins – think giving back with every work out kind of happy!

by Kate Houser

We’ll be the first to admit that walking down the athletic gear aisle at any store can be a bit scary and extremely intimidating. One can quickly find themselves tangled in ropes and bands, wearing ankle weights as bracelets or being legitimately catapulted forward down the aisle off from a medicine ball (speaking from experience here). Like, are these items for fitness or torture? 

As intimidating as active gear can be, however, they are meant to help us and extremely necessary for some physical activity. Imagine how much your downward dog would downright hurt if you didn’t have a yoga mat. RIP knees! 

Fortunately, there’s a ton of awesome brands out there offering active gear products you can feel good about using! Why? Well, because they either give back to causes we love, are made from recycled materials, help you crush your workout or even better, all the above! 

We’ve broken down some of our favorite social good work out buddies below (we call these buddies because when you’re 40 minutes into your 60-minute HIIT workout, there truly is no better friend to you in that moment than your sweat towel). 

If you like getting outside and being active in nature as much as we do, then you’ll care about the gear that gets you there too.


Three Workout Tools Doing Good

Cork Yoga Mat

42 Birds, Gold Give Back Medal

Cork is a great alternative to using rubber or plastic in yoga mats. It’s harvested from oak trees, a process which does not hurt the trees, but increases a tree’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), and prevents forest fires. Best too, is that 42 Birds Cork Yoga Mats provide an awesome grip, absorbs moisture well, prevents bacteria from forming and are super lightweight! We are big fans of this product!

Hydration Pack

 CamelBak, Silver Sustainability Medal

Ideal for our runners or bikers, CamelBak has a ton of awesome fanny packs or backpacks to keep you hydrated. With one of their company’s core values being “We give a ___”, they make that known in both the way they source their materials, build their headquarters and give back to the environment. 

Bike Accessories

Green Guru, Bronze Giveback Medal

Ever turned in old biking gear at a store with a give back program such as REI or Patagonia? A lot of that stock is then sent to Green Guru, a Colorado based, sustainable active gear company that uses all recycled and upcycled gear to produce awesome bike accessories. We especially love their biking “6 pack!” 

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