The Best Sustainable T-Shirts on Your Skin

Why you should care

Adorn your soft, beautiful skin with fabric made from eucalyptus and hemp rather than fabric dyed with chemicals, like formaldehyde… yeah the stuff they use for embalming.

by Kate Houser

Name a more iconic duo than jeans and a t-shirt, we’ll wait. Okay, fine, maybe chips and salsa, but in the world of fashion, it truly does not get better than a comfy pair of denim jeans and a loose, soft tee. There’s a ton of ways to be more conscious about your denim choices, but for now, let’s talk about tees, shall we? 

Whether you’re wearing it to bed, dressed up with a blazer or thrown on with a pair of shorts, there’s never a bad time for a tee. When you’re looking for a sustainable option, organic cotton is going to be your new wardrobe staple for your tee selection. Here are some of our favorite picks for where to stock up on sustainable t-shirts.

Better Sustainable T-Shirts

Fair Indigo, Gold Give Back Medal & Bronze Sustainability Medal
They source their organic cotton from Peru and even go the extra step to provide education for children in the community through their Fair Indigo Foundation. Fair Indigo has also eliminated harmful chemicals from their dyes such as, formaldehyde (gross!!), nickel and lead.

Groceries Apparel, Silver Give Back Medal & Bronze Sustainability Medal
Groceries Apparel is all about the lifecycle of seed to skin, meaning they want to be involved in every step of the process in the creation of their garments, from the moment the seed is planted, to the minute you put the tee on your skin! They only source fabrics from organic cotton, eucalyptus and hemp (in addition to using vegetable dye).

Encircled, Gold Give Back Medal & Bronze Sustainability Medal
One of our top picks, Encircled is all about high quality and versatile pieces. One of the easiest ways to be a more conscious shopper is to well, shop less (we know that’s a scary thought) but the less you buy, the less waste you’ll ultimately be responsible for. They have a ton of great pieces that can be worn multiple ways to limit your need to buy MORE. They use sustainable fabrics such as bamboo and are ethically made in Canada.

For even more tips, check out our Fashion This for That Guide!

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