Superior Eco-Friendly Toys for Your Tots

Why you should care

Because there is an 80% chance that toy ends up in your child’s mouth and you’ll want it to be made with natural and environmentally safe materials.

By Hey Social Good

We buy our kids so many toys. Wouldn’t it be great if those toys not only stocked your child’s imagination and supported development, eliminated icky chemical compounds exposure during play, and protected the planet by removing plastic and planting trees? 

There are a growing number of toy companies who are focusing on making eco-friendly toys that are also safe for child’s play. For a few of these companies, the reason is simple — they have kids too and they know what materials, glues, and chemicals go into creating a toy. And they also think about the toy’s life after play…landfill waste.

If you have a baby or been around a toddler, you see how they drool, chew, and sometimes (gulp!) swallow these toys. Whether it’s polyvinyl chlorides (PVC or plastic) or BPAs (bisphenol A) or glues (low level toxicity), we think it’s better to just avoid it all as best as we can and help reduce the waste of these toys too. Don’t fret because there are safe and eco-friendly alternatives toys available to help your favorite little person to create imaginatively!

Better Safe & Eco-Friendly Toys

Green Toys, Rising Star Sustainability Medal 

Makes everything from trucks and tea sets to building blocks and water toys. All toys are made from recycled milk jugs which directly recycles waste that would have been left in the landfills forever. Green Toys are super durable and adhere to California’s high safety standards, so you can think about the used plastic gallon milk jugs that now are reused and made into cool toys.

Ever Earth, Silver Giveback Medal & Gold Sustainability Medal

Ever Earth products are made from sustainably sourced Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and responsibly managed wood, and from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. Ever earth is committed to a sustainable supply chain and plants a tree for every product purchased. They have planted 93,167 trees with all of us buying better toys.

Biobuddi, Rising Star Sustainability Medal

Every child and (even) adult love interlocking building blocks. Biobuddi makes Eco-friendly building blocks from sugarcane rather than plastic. And yes, they look and work just like the plastic ones!  Their mission is to make products that are safe and do not harm the environment. They created an innovative compound sourced from sugarcane to disrupt the status quo – we can make things that people love and are friendly to our health and planet.

Eco_Kids, Rising star Social Good Medal

Looking for art supplies?  Eco- Kids make non-toxic art supplies out of natural materials and packaged in environmentally friendly materials. Starting with molding clay, this family owned company now makes paints, sidewalk chalk and egg dying kits!

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