The Best Socks For Your Feet & Planet!

Why you should care

A pair of toasty warm socks can heat up your feet and a homeless person in need too.

By Hey Social Good

Whether it’s winter or summer, there are those moments in life when a pair of comfy, warm and cozy socks can be the perfect answer to cold feet, a tough workday, and the blues. Have you ever had a pair of special socks with holiday cheer on it given to you by a bestie or ones with pine trees on it commemorating a special winter hiking trip? If so, then you’ll know what we mean. The exciting thing is that there are so many sock companies who are pushing the envelope and doing more with just making comfy socks. Socks that give back support homeless shelters, children’s homes and hospitals. Next time you purchase new socks, go for a pair that makes a direct positive impact. It’s a double whammy!

First, What To Do With Old Socks?

  • Collect all your socks that have holes and loose elastic or just plain worn out.
  • Put them in a bag to take to recycling! Since textiles make up 5% of trash in US landfills, throwing them in the trash is not the way to go.  
  • The easiest thing to do is to swing by your local Goodwill drop off because they will recycle textiles that can’t be sold. 

Get Better Social Good Socks

Conscious Step, Platinum Giveback Medal

Do you have multiple causes close to your heart? Conscious Step Socks created a unique pattern to support a different cause. There are more than 16 different causes you can support from ending hunger to rainforest conservation to breast cancer prevention. Their box sets make great gifts too.

Skyline Socks, Silver Giveback Medal 

These have city skyline prints and there a city skyline for near every city in the U.S.  Get one from you hometown and another one to showoff where you live now. Skyline donates socks to the homeless.

Sox Box, Bronze Giveback Medal 

Looking for socks with silly patterns and little ditties?  Sox Box make a statement by supporting wounded and ill service members! Sox Box donates 20% of its profits to this cause.

Fazl Socks, Gold Giveback Medal 

These beautifully patterned socks are perfect for curling up in front of a fire with a good book. Hand knit by women in the Himalayas, these women get fair wages for their work. Fazl also donates 50% of net profits to support children’s homes for orphans and destitute children in India. 

Toe Sox, Gold Giveback Medal

You’ve seen the grippy socks at your yoga and Pilates studio, and they really help to hold that downward dog position longer and better. In addition to creating grippy socks, ToeSox have now donated over 8000 pairs of socks to the homeless.

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