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Snacks in the Wild

Outdoor ready food for hiking, climbing, camping, and any outdoor activity. Don’t be surprised if you find a few portable cooking accessories in there too!

Water Bottles

Super amazing reusable water bottles made w/materials built to last. Some keep your drink cold for hours. Some help you track your give back project.

Essential Reading

Backpacks, utensils, jackets, rain flap, camping stoves, and more. If you haven’t noticed, we love outdoor gears of all types, sizes, and colors (guilty!). And yes, a weatherproof tent when camping in Mt. Rainier or a stainless steel straw when sipping are absolutely needed. The hiking and outdoor equipment market in the US has expanded significantly and total revenue in this industry reached US $18 billion in 2020. The average person spends US$283 on gear. In many ways, this is fantastic news because it means we are heading outdoors, enjoying nature, and breathing a namaste breath. At Hey Social Good, all this gear purchasing can be great for our communities and planet too. What’s exciting these days is that large and small brands are making gear with purpose, and this means using scrap materials to design a tough day pack or providing computers to small farmers who can better track soil health and water needs.

To learn more, please visit our This for That Guide: Outdoors.

All Outdoor Gear

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