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Upcycled/ Recycled

Used or scrapped materials are reused to create a new pair of socks to extend the circular lifetime of waste materials that would have been thrown away (e.g., plastic bottles, scrap fabrics).

Gives Back

Brands dedicate a portion of their profits or sales to support their communities, people and the planet.

Essential Reading

Switching out your old socks

After I buy my new awesome socially conscience socks, what do I do with my old socks…easily?

  1. COLLECT all your socks that have holes, lost its elasticity or are just plain worn out.
  2. PUT THEM in a bag to take to recycling! Since textiles make up 5% of trash in US landfills, throwing them in the trash is not the way to go.  
  3. SWING BY your local Goodwill drop-off point. They will recycle textiles they can’t sell.

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