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Sustainably Made

T-Shirts made to ensure better job opportunities, fair wages, and sustainable supply and work practices.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown by growing without pesticides and harvesting with better regenerative practices.

Fair to People

Focusing on people’s welfare by properly compensating workers for their hard labor, providing job and growth opportunities, and bolstering communities with earned profits.

Essential Reading

Ethical & Sustainable T-Shirts

T-shirts are everywhere and they are the easiest way to launch your own custom Eco-Wardrobe full of ethically made clothes. Sustainable T-shirts are made with organic and regenerative cotton, Fairtrade certified, and possibly colored with vegan dyes. Ethical T-shirts are made with the “Give Back” spirit and support fair treatment of workers. When shopping for a tee, look for these features. You might not hit all of them in one tee, but you can definitely find a brand working on being purpose driven or helping to give back to their community.

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