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These brands commit to farming, harvesting, operations, and people management that sustain the business, support its workers and regenerates our planet. 

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What Is Biodynamic Wine Making?

Biodynamic farming (and wine making) is made with a set of farming practices that considers the farm and vineyard as a single ecosystem. An ecosystem has many parts and all parts are interconnected. Each aspect of a vineyard (planting, birds, people) is dependent on each other. Biodynamic wine making works to create a self-sustaining system, where the natural organic materials, soils, and composts are used to sustain the vineyard. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are forbidden because they are harmful to our soil ecology. Farming to ensure soil health and fertility means a holistic approach to nurturing soils, biodiversity, resilience and considering the natural seasonal cycles at play.  Animals (ducks to horses to sheep) live on the soil and fertilize it, creating a rich, fertile environment for the grape vines to grow. Biodynamic farming seeks sustainability with a passion, and works hard to provide food that is nurturing and around for future generations.

Source: Sustainable Food Trust