The Perfect Hostess Gifts that Give….Twice!

Why you should care

Giving to a friend feels great. Giving to people you don’t know can feel even greater!

By Latha Rao

Guarantee invites to all the parties this year with awesome hostess gifts that give back. Sometimes you have a series of dinner invitations lined up on your calendar, and the thing that’s hardest, besides holding yourself back on desserts, is looking for the perfect host and hostess gifts. These wonderful people planned meals, cleaned up and opened up their home to give yummy food and hospitality! It’s the least you can do, right?

Avoid the last-minute scramble and the obligatory bottle of wine, and plan ahead to get a hostess gift from one of these amazing companies that give back to people and the planet! Order extra and avoid the scramble for all of 2020 and even 2021!

Best Gifts For Hosted Gatherings (And You)

Bloom and Give, Bronze Giveback Medal

Bloom and Give makes exquisite hand loomed kitchen towels and napkins and a beautiful set can be purchased for under $50.

Impact:  In places like rural India, where Bloom and Give works, girls can face obstacles, such as long distances to school, lack of transportation, a safe route to school, and lack of hygiene facilities. In addition, the cultural pressures and family responsibilities can also keep them out of school past a certain age.  Bloom and Give supports educational programs teaching the importance of girls’ education, offers child care, help girls re-enter school and build classrooms and sanitary facilities.   

Prosperity Candle, Gold Giveback Medal

A candle made with non-toxic ingredients like soy and coconuts should definitely be a thing!  Propensity candle is a social enterprise making sustainable candles hand crafted by women refugees working to make a better life in the US.

Impact: Imagine being displaced from your home because of war and violence, traveling across the globe for months or years, facing the gender-based violence and finally landing up in a new country where you are safe. But you don’t speak the language and lack the skills to find work to create a better life for yourself and your children.  Propensity Candle steps in and directly helps to provide real work so these women can easily become productive members of American society.

Bambeco Home, Platinum Giveback Medal

Bambeco Home makes home goods from reclaimed, recycled, renewable and organic materials. They are committed to preserving our forests and water and offer all kinds of goods like a salad bowl, a set of recycled glass tumblers, or a hummingbird feeder.

Impact: Responsibly sourced wood helps preserve our forests. When a company makes new things out of old materials, this extends the life of a raw material and keeps it out of the landfill. Reducing our landfill waste means helping to reduce over 262 million tons of trash generated in the US each year!

Apolis, Silver Giveback Medal

Help your host ditch the grocery bag habit.  Apolis makes gorgeous market totes that are generously sized, water-resistant and customizable.  Imagine adding your host’ name or favorite saying! Now, that’s a gift!

Impact: Apolis provides Fair-Trade certified wages, annual profit dividends, and a retirement fund to women in Bangladesh who make these beautiful bags. When women can participate in the workforce, it moves developing countries toward greater gender equality, economic growth and sustainable development, and a woman’s ability to support their families and move them toward the middle class.

Frey Vineyards, Gold Giveback Medal

Alright, if you must take wine, buy one that cares for the planet! Frey vineyards is a biodynamic winery. 

Impact: Biodynamic wine making encourages holistic practices that support the surrounding environment of the farm. This means protecting the vineyard’s capacity to support the biodiversity of the soil, offering sanctuary for native plants, animals and insects.

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