A Great Phone Upgrade Means Helping People & Planet

Why you should care

We regularly upgrade and replace our phone cases and chargers. Make the next replaced accessories a plus and not a burden on people and the planet.

By Latha Rao

When you buy or upgrade a new smart phone these days, chances are you’ll upgrade your accessories too. If you’re like us, a new cell phone leads to a new phone case, screen protector, second charger, and maybe new headphones and a wireless speaker (guilty)!

We understand the urge. We really do. Which is why we think finding better choices are the way to go. Why not upgrade in a way that improves people and the planet? Below are a few of our fave brands working hard to offer better, more sustainable, and socially empowering products. These are products made by companies and brands trying to address a social challenge (e.g., homelessness; education, etc.) or eliminate harmful materials from our use-throw-away habit. Consider these awesome brands next time you’re looking for phone accessories.

Better at Reducing Waste

Pela Cases, Silver Giveback Medal

Made from plant materials, Pela phone cases and screen protectors are fun, attractive and compostable. They also do a bang-up job of protecting your phone when you drop it. I’ve seen our founder, Cindy J, drop hers so often, it’s quite worrisome! These cases leave no waste when you are ready for your next case upgrade because they’re compostable. Help us help them, to reach their Company’s goal of keeping 1 billion pounds of plastic from even being manufactured.

Go Nimble, Bronze Giveback Medal & Bronze Sustainability Medal

They make phone cases and chargers out of sustainable materials like recycled plastic, organic hemp, recycled aluminum, and plant-based bioplastic. Go Nimble is committed to sustainable sourcing and production and creating a better circular economy by providing customers with a prepaid envelope to collect old electronics to be recycled. Electronic waste accounts for 70% of a landfill toxic waste, so recycling it responsibly is imperative to keeping toxins out of our environment. From August 2018-August 2019, they have collected over 600 pounds of e-waste. 

Better At Giving To Hearing

LSTN, Silver Giveback Medal

They make high quality headphones, speakers, and earbuds. They are committed to giving hearing aids to those in need and proceeds from sales support the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Vibes, Silver Giveback Medal

Listening to all that music on your cell phone will eventually lead you to a live concert!  Vibes makes earplugs that help lower the decibel level of your concert experience while improving the quality of the sound and protecting your hearing. Each pair of earplugs helps provide hearing aids to those in need through Vibes Partnership with Hear the World Foundation!

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