16 Sustainable and Ethical Winter Season Tips

Why you should care?

 Create your best sustainable winter season to give back to people and the planet with our 16 Sustainable and Ethical Winter Season Tips.

by Naomi Gonzales

Wait, it’s Already Winter?!

So far, Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 have been….quite challenging, to say the least.  While it feels as though there isn’t much to celebrate now, what with the pandemic and lots of world events, it’s still important to balance our mind and heart. And, with the holidays around the corner, it’s officially time to think about winter and social good. Winter is a time for pause and we should all take a moment to notice the beauty in the changing leaf colors while embracing our collective ability to tackle adversity in any color, shape, and size. We’re focusing on the sustainable brands that bring winter coziness into our homes and making it easier to live a sustainable winter lifestyle with our 16 Sustainable and Ethical Winter Season Tips.

Holidays are a time for family and joy, but sometimes, holidays aren’t always sustainable. We’re excited to bring you a few tips on how to make this winter season marvelously sustainable and ethical!

Winter Wonderland Waste

Whether it’s through decor, fashion or the obligatory pumpkin spice flavor, we can enjoy this winter season in so many joyous ways. Unlike the outgoing trend of Pumpkin Spiced lattes, however, sustainability lasts through all four seasons! But, did you know “pumpkins that end up in the landfill will decompose and eventually emit methane – a greenhouse gas with more than 20 times the warming effect of carbon dioxide?” (weforum.org). Now, THAT’s spooky! Just think of the thousands of pumpkins you’ve seen in your neighborhood – yikes!

Unfortunately it doesn’t end with pumpkin waste. “Americans throw away 25% more trash during the Thanksgiving to New Year’s holiday period than any other time of year. The extra waste amounts to 25 million tons of garbage, or about 1 million extra tons per week!” (Stanford.edu).

Winter Shopping Can be Sustainable

In addition to increased waste during the holiday seasons, we consumers buy more things when the seasons change and holidays come around. We buy new cozy sweaters, a fresh pair of boots, new decor we’ll only use for a month and more. We know, there’s so many adorable choices, but, we don’t have to give up our shopping choices. We can practice ethical consumerism this season by purchasing products from sustainable or give back brands. Check out our 16 Sustainable and Ethical Winter Season Tips below on how to make this your best sustainable and ethical winter season YET!

6 Simple Sustainable Winter Tips

  1. Purchase a new flannel or chunky sweater secondhand! Check out your local thrift store, or a re-sell website such as ThredUp.
  2. Cook your pumpkin seeds instead of tossing them. Here is a great recipe to follow. Also, when your pumpkins as decor are ready to be expired, throw it in your compost bin! *Questions about composting? Click here
  3. Visit your local organic farmers market for your winter produce needs. Or better yet, buy a community supported agriculture (CSA) veggie box to support local farmers. Reduce transportation cost and carbon emissions by using less packaging and supporting small businesses and local organic farmers.
  4. Instead of bagging up the leaves in your yard in plastic trash bags, try out some compostable bags from Platinum Social Good brand, World Centric!
  5. Wrapping gifts for your loved ones? Try using recycled materials like newspaper and twine or some old vintage maps instead of buying new paper. If you don’t have those and need to purchase some new wrapping paper, check out the eco-friendly holiday options from social good brand, The Paper Source.
  6. Looking for new cozy candles to create that wintry ambience? Or maybe you’re seeking blankets, boots, candy and more? Choose to shop consciously this year from an ethical or sustainable brand. We’ve rounded up our top ten picks below!

Top 10 Best Cozy Items to Help You Have a Sustainable & Ethical Winter Season

1. A Pair of Cozy Socks

Fazl Socks: Gold Giveback Medal

Cozy socks are a cold weather staple. Fazl Socks provide the perfect opportunity to stay warm and give back this season. To support orphaned children in India, the Fazl founders discovered socks made by Himalayan artists. By simply purchasing a pair of socks, you help these children have access to food, shelter and education.

16 Sustainable and Ethical Winter Season Tips

2. A Warm Cup of Tea

Pukka Tea: Platinum Social Good Medal

Pukka Tea company uses herbs to improve health. They remind us that just boiling less water can help reduce energy use and carbon emissions. These environmentally friendly and sustainable options create beautiful winter dreams.

16 Sustainable and Ethical Winter Season Tips

3. Some Yummy Winter Treats!

Seattle Chocolate– Silver Give Back Medal

Everybody needs chocolate! These adorable chocolate bars bring the winter season to life with their yummy holiday flavors. Seattle Chocolate uses only ethically certified cocoa, and they donate one serving of food to someone in need per chocolate bar sold. 

16 Sustainable and Ethical Winter Season Tips

4. Warm, Holiday Candles of Course

Peace on Po: Currently Being Assessed, Company meets Hey Social Good’s Basic Criteria

Peace On Po products uses biodegradable, and compostable packaging. They are a one stop shop for all things self care related. Our favorite items this moment are their vegan fall and winter scented candles! YUM!

16 Sustainable and Ethical Winter Season Tips

5. A Cozy Winter Blanket

The Company Store: Bronze Give Back Medal

Everyone needs a cute and cozy winter blanket! We love these woodland designs from The Company Store. They provide blankets to veterans and military troops, support breast cancer research, and help give to children’s hospitals and families with sick kids.

16 Sustainable and Ethical Winter Season Tips

6. Fashionable Winter Sweaters

Vert & Vogue: Silver Social Good Medal

Vert and Vogue carries sweaters and outerwear for every occasion in lovely winter colors, of course. This fashion-forward, must-have brand makes clothing with the planet and people in mind. Their dedication to resource conservation, quality construction and fair trade materials elevate all the standards of sustainable fashion.

16 Sustainable and Ethical Winter Season Tips

7. Functional Cold Weather Gear

Cotopaxi: Platinum Give Back Medal

If you’re planning to adventure outdoors this season, you better get ready for the cold. Cotopaxi is an amazing social good outdoor company that gives back in more ways than one. They use recycled materials, pay workers a living wage, and give back a portion of proceeds to aid the alleviation of poverty. 

16 Sustainable and Ethical Winter Season Tips

8. Cute and Protective Boots

Roma Boots: Silver Give Back Medal

Rain boots will always be an essential. Stay dry and sustainable with Roma Boots. With the variety of colors and styles to choose from, they’re perfect to grab before the first of many rainy days to come. The best part is that every pair of boots purchased means a boot is given to a child so they don’t walk barefoot in the cold and rain of Romania.

16 Sustainable and Ethical Winter Season Tips

9. Cozy Clothes for the Kids

Sapling Child : Gold Give Back Medal

Baby beanies and winter zip suits? They’re even cuter than they sound. Sapling Child will make sure your little one is wrapped up and ready for the cold weather ahead. Safety and sustainability are Sapling Child’s primary concerns, and why all their clothes are 100% organic, sourced from organic farmers, and made with chemical free dyes to ensure a baby’s skin is not irritated or harmed by any possible allergens.

16 Sustainable and Ethical Winter Season Tips

10. Winter Makeup Essentials

Kjaer Weis: Sustainability Rising Star

Kjaer Weis is a sustainable beauty brand with minimalism and zero waste as its core values. Their refillable cases and unique designs are a perfect match for anyone’s makeup bag. Grab a darker lipstick and a shimmery shadow for a new winter look!

16 Sustainable and Ethical Winter Season Tips

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