Category: Eats

Sep 28
Top 10 Ways To Calm Your Mind, Body and Soul

Top Ten Ways to Calm your Mind, Body and Soul. Ethical and Sustainable Products for…

Aug 27
Top Ten Brands to Shop that Give Back to Feeding America

Top Ten Brands to Shop that Give Back to Feeding America. Buy one, give one, your…

Apr 28
Why Buy Fair-Trade or Direct-Trade Coffee and Chocolates?

Why you should care Buying chocolate directly from farmers mean higher quality…

Feb 04
Best BYO Lifestyle Tips

Why you should care The Bring Your Own mindset means you can enjoy that leftover pizza…

Jan 27
What’s The Deal With Reusable Straws?

Why you should care Over 500 million plastic straws are used every day in the US, and…

Jan 02
Save $100 and Your Health, One Reusable Bag At A Time

Why you should care Minimize plastic use with this quick sandwich bag can save waste…

Jan 02
The Perfect Hostess Gifts that Give….Twice!

Why you should care Giving to a friend feels great. Giving to people you don’t know…

Jan 02
Choosing the Right Coffee: Seriously, What Does Buying Direct Trade Really Mean?

Why you should care A real difference exists between Fair-Trade and Direct-Trade,…

Jan 11
Five Must Have Foods For Your Kitchen Pantry To Eat & Give Back

Why you should care From that morning smoothie to your favorite dinner casserole, a…

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