Top Ten Brands to Shop that Give Back to Feeding America

Why you should care?

With COVID-19, many families are loosing their jobs and can’t afford groceries for their families. Do a simple shift and shop brands who donate funds or meals to Feeding America.

by Kate Houser

Where does Feeding America Get Food?

This year, you may have noticed many companies giving to Feeding America. Feeding America is a US based nonprofit organization that houses a network of over 200 food banks to feed more than 46 million people through community food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, churches and other community focused organizations. The goal is to provide much needed nutritious meals to people who can’t get or afford a meal.

Did you know that Feeding America relies heavily on leftover, unsold food from grocery stores and restaurants to feed the community? The organizations collect food or fresh vegetables from Target, Ralphs, Starbucks, local farmers, restaurants, and other food producing organizations. Often, these are “rescued” food because they would otherwise end up in the landfill.

COVID-19’s Impact on Feeding America

However, with COVID-19, the amount of food available has decreased because consumers have quickly been buying out grocery stores and storing more food in their homes than usual. “Before the coronavirus outbreak, supermarkets and food companies channeled excess food to food banks, moving nourishment to people most in need while also keeping surpluses from rotting in landfills. With grocery stores now working on overdrive, breaking sales records as consumers stock up on supplies, those donations are dropping off” stated the National Geographic.  

In addition to COVID-19’s impact on the availability of excess food, demand for such supplies are also negatively impacted. Currently, there are millions of children who rely on school lunches to eat; many are impacted because of parents who have lost their jobs during COVID-19. For Feeding America, it means less available “excess food” and a greater demand for meals. 

How To Help?

How can you as a consumer do your part to help? With decreased “excess food” available, Feeding America must purchase more food than usual. A direct donation to the organization or buying from brands who give back to Feeding America will maintain a continuous food supply. Simply shifting your purchase to brands and businesses who give back will really support your community during these hard times. 

To donate funds directly, find your local Feeding America by clicking here. If shopping for a cause is your style, then see our favorite brands who give back to Feeding America with a single purchase. It’s possible to lessen the food insecurity in our communities…one purchase…one donation…and one volunteer day at a time! 

Be sure to check out our Good Smack for the Planet podcast with Feeding San Diego’s Chief Operating Office, Alicia Saake, going live this Friday!

Social Good Brands Giving Back to Feeding America

Nashelle– Silver Giveback Medal

Beauty, classic yet stylish jewelry with the intention of always paying it forward and extending a helping hand to those in need. Your purchase gives back to Neighbor Impact or Feeding America. They have already donated over 900,000 meals to hungry Americans.

Gallent InternationalPlatinum Giveback Medal

100% organic cotton wholesale branded swag! Bags, shirts, towels and more offered by companies who give out stuff we feel good about because these meet some of the most stringent certifications for fabrics. The company works closely with farmers to grow organic cotton and support Fair Trade prices to ensure fair wages for farmers and workers; it’s amazing what how just paying a consistent fair wage can help lift people out of poverty. They have contributed 100,000 meals through Feeding America.

Project7 GumPlatinum Giveback Medal

Inspiring chewing gum made in the US supports initiatives that heal the sick, save the earth, house the homeless, feed the hungry, teach children and promote peace. Partners with Children’s Hunger Fund, Feeding America and more!

Conscious Coconut Silver Giveback Medal 

Cold pressed coconut oil made in small batches that feeds the soul because each purchase gives a free meal through Feeding America and/or support local crafts people.

FEED Project – Gold Giveback Medal

What’s amazing about these stylish totes is that your purchase helps provide a consistent meal everyday to a child. Consistent nutritious meals results in students having the energy and rest to get better grades and achieve higher educational opportunities!

Hippeas – Silver Giveback Medal

Yummy, organic, nut-free snack puffs made out of chickpeas that support chickpea farmers in Africa through their partnership with Partner with Farm Africa. They support Feeding America to donate meals to children in need.

Rebel GreenGold Giveback Medal, Sustainability Rising Star, Social Good Rising Star

We absolutely love their retro eco-chic packaging, and even more how they offer the cleanest cleaning products by taking out all the toxic chemicals. Rebel Green believes that access to clean water, clean air and clean food is a basic human right. Proceeds from your purchase is donated to organizations such as, Trees for the Future and of course, Feeding America.

Nature’s BakerySilver Giveback Medal,  Sustainability Rising Star, Social Good Rising Star

Father and son team making delicious, organic snacks the old fashioned way, without all of the extra corn syrup and fillers! Not only are they good for you, they TASTE good and give proceeds to organizations such as Feeding America.

These companies are currently being assessed but we already love what they’re about and wanted to share! 

Spiritual Gangster– Currently Being Assessed

Cute and cozy men and women yoga, active and swim gear! With every purchase they donate funds to Feeding America, and have provided over 11 million meals to date!

Mod + JoCurrently Being Assessed

A Dallas based, small batch jewelry brand working to cultivate confidence and femininity. They offer beautiful high quality jewelry at an affordable price. We are absolutely in love with their One necklace = 50 meals campaign through their partnership with Feeding America. You get it, your purchase supports those in need of a nutritious meal!

If you or someone you know is in need of support from Feeding America, please contact your local chapter and visit their website to find your local food and meal pick up locations.

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