Top 10 Ways To Calm Your Mind, Body and Soul

Why you should care?

With COVID-19, social justice movements, political divisions, natural disasters and more, it’s time to prioritize your mental health. Pause, clear your mind, and take time for yourself with our top ten ways to calm your mind, body and soul.

by Kate Houser

Times are Tough, We Agree

In the words of one of my favorite redheads, Ariel with the fishtail, “I wanna be where the people are”. We miss being around people too. With everything going on in the world, these times at home can be scary and lonely. The current state of COVID-19, social justice movements, political divisions, natural disasters and more are taking a toll on each of us in different ways. If you are feeling stressed, lonely, anxious, depressed, scared or downright sad, we are too. Know that you are not alone. During these stressed times, it’s more important than ever to pause and take time for yourself, prioritize your mental health and clear your mind. If you haven’t started to work on your own mental wellness yet, start with our top ten ways to calm your mind, body and soul!

Current State of America’s Mental Health

Perhaps, you or someone you know have struggled with depression or anxiety in the past. Or, perhaps, unsettled feelings that weren’t there before now cloud your thoughts.  Regardless of how these feelings have affected you, taking steps to self-care is as important as working on your physical health. The Center for Disease Control (CDC, 2020) found that “the prevalence of anxiety disorder symptoms was approximately three times those reported in the second quarter of 2019 (25.5% versus 8.1%), and the prevalence of depressive disorder symptoms was approximately four times that reported in the second quarter of 2019 (24.3% versus 6.5%)” (CDC, June 2020). Sadly, these statistics don’t surprise us, but it does tell us that we are not alone. 

Prioritize your Mental Health

My other favorite redhead, Annie, sang, “the sun will come up tomorrow”. We believe that too, so, explore some ethical, positive ways (along with our favorite social good brands) to work on the mind, body and soul, simply. And, make a positive impact on the world at the same time! Let’s take control of our environment (and not the other way around), and take small steps to ensure a happier and healthier SELF.

Top Ten Ways to Calm your Mind, Body and Soul

1. Light a Candle, Warm Up and Relax your Space

Sanari Candles Bronze Sustainability Medal

Made from organic coconut wax and essential oils, these clean candles are proud to work with farmers that are dedicated to incorporating green technology, using less water for plant growth, utilizing solar panels, and encouraging the use of fuels that reduce their carbon output. They give 5% of all sales back to the National Breast Cancer Foundation since Sanari’s founder, Rebecca, is a survivor.

Prosperity Candles Gold Give Back Medal

These sustainable candles are made without chemical ingredients and by women refugees in the US. They are helping provide equal opportunities for women and girls in unstable areas around the world. Each candle comes with a note and a photo of the woman who personally poured your candle! 

2. Practice Yoga or Meditation

ChattraPlatinum Give Back Medal

Chattra’s commitment to providing jobs to victims of human trafficking in India and their support for The Women’s Wisdom Initiative (gives back to survivors of gender-based oppression) means they received Hey Social Good’s highest possible ranking! Check out their relaxing and balanced selection of meditation and yoga gear.

SatvaGold Give Back Medal

Up your yoga and meditation gear! We love Satva’s 100% organic cotton leggings without any toxins. These clothing are made to help support women literacy via the Disha Initiative.

3. Write in a Gratitude or Positive Thoughts Journal

Franks Silver Give Back Medal

With a diverse selection of journals, we love how Franks has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a structured system such as a gratitude journal or a “beautiful thoughts” journal, or a blank slate for you to write down your thoughts and feelings, see the wide variety of choices for your writing needs! Every item sold results in a book donated to a school for a child living in poverty. To date, they have donated over 75,000 exercise books to kids in need.

4. Pick Up a Self-Help Book

Better World BooksGold Give Back Medal, Bronze Sustainability Medal, Silver Social Good Brand

A book is donated to someone in need with every purchase! We love this sustainable book store for their environmentally friendly efforts to reuse and recycle 300 million books, reclaim 900,000 lbs of metal shelving from libraries, and offset 87,000 tons of carbon from shipping. Even more wonderful is their Annual Literacy Grant Program, which funds literacy and educational nonprofits.

5. Breathe Deeply with Home Plants and Flowers

The Bouqs Company – Bronze Give Back Medal

Fill your home with plants and flowers to freshen up (literally) your space! Who says you can’t send yourself flowers?! Grounded in transparency, responsibility and simplicity, Bouqs creates genuine moments of emotional connection for their customers, build meaningful relationships with like-minded farmers and florists, and eliminates unnecessary waste in their supply chain.

6. Relax and Balance with Essential Oils

Rare EssenceBronze Sustainability Medal

This is one of our favorite, and easiest, the top ten ways to calm the mind, body and soul! Check out Rare Essence, who is committed to uncompromising environmental standards to lessen their impact on the environment. Rare Essence sources their essential oils and waxes using FSC-Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) approved papers and glassware containing recycled glass.

7. Keep Yourself Inspired, Mix Up your Look

Conscious InkPlatinum Give Back Medal, Gold Sustainability Medal, Platinum Social Good Brand

Mix up your look and bring some fun into your day by branding yourself with one of these inspiring temporary tattoos. Your purchase will help Conscious Ink’s mission to empower individuals and break the cycle of poverty and homelessness by supporting affordable housing, employment, healthcare, and education. Conscious Ink is on a mission to spread love and raise consciousness around the world.

8. Brew a Pot of Soulful Tea

Numi Tea Platinum Give Back Medal, Gold Sustainability Medal, Platinum Social Good Brand

Warm up with a hot, steaming cup of tea from Numi Tea, who offers 100% organic tea, and supports clean water for tea farming families, along with helping to provide robust education to kids from Oakland, CA, to Iraq!

9. Pull up a Cozy Blanket and Relax

Boll-BranchSilver Give Back Medal, Gold Sustainability Medal, Gold Social Good Brand

We love Boll-Branch’s cozy, sustainable blankets, sheets and bedding. They work hard to support organic cotton growing and the farmers who care about the earth. To date, they have given $120,000 in premiums to cotton farmers and $207,000 back to their factory workers positively impacting thousands of people.

10. Talk to a Professional

Better Help


Better Help and 7 Cups are two online apps that pair you with a professional therapist who specializes in the guidance areas you may need. Sometimes it’s easier to start by choosing a communication approach that fits you. These professionals make it easy because they talk to you virtually through chat, phone or video calls. You can connect with your counseling as often as you’d like and from the safety of your home.

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