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Social Good Reporting Made Easy

Review and Share your Sustainable and Social Impact Footprint easily — without filling out surveys, collecting data, or deal with spreadsheets.

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Hey Social Good

Hey Social Good eliminates the need for overwhelming and time consuming data collection with a simple social good data platform. Businesses can easily review, report and share their social good impact. 

Fast and Easy Setup

Getting up and running on our Social Good Assessment (SGA) platform is simple. Our rapid onboarding process will help you score the social impact of your business & supply chain in days. Leaving you plenty of time to focus on growing your business and customers! Learn More

Ensure your social good impact hits the mark. Everytime.

Save money and time with Hey Social Good’s transparent and innovative approach to sustainability, social and governance assessment and verification.

why SGA?

Don’t Guess or Assume Your Social Impact.

Your customers and clients will know. Instead, transparently show your social good efforts and win!

  • Verify + Rank ESG efforts
  • Cross match to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Appeal to investors and attract capital
  • Stay ahead of regulatory requirements
  • Obtain real social impact value and reduce operations cost
  • Build reputation and trust with customers & business partners
  • Increase employee retention and motivation
  • Show your competitive advantage simply

We Have Reviewed, Assessed And Verified Over 12,000 Companies.

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Hey Social Good’s SGA was developed over 3 years with socially conscience companies in mind. Our goal is make sustainability reporting simple, rapid and cost effective.



Proprietary data algorithm expertly reviews a business or supply chain's social responsibility practices



Credible review and verification of social impact practices builds trust and loyalty



A medal ranking of platinum, gold, silver or bronze reflects a company’s high level of work achieved



Share a quick or detailed Social Good Report with your customers, partners & team

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